Destination Guide

Our villas are easily accessible from international airports at Tivat (20 minute drive) and Dubrovnik (about an hour and a half drive). BA and Croatian Air are the best choices when travelling to Dubrovnik, along with some budget flights, while JAT can be used to fly to Tivat—although less frequently.

It is possible to take a bus from the airport; however, it might be economically more feasible to rent a car or arrange airport transfer if coming in a group. Please contact us to help arrange a car rental.

If coming from Tivat airport, the ferries in Lepetane and Kamenari will take you across the cross the bay to Morinj. Otherwise, travelling through Kotor around the bay might be faster, depending on the traffic levels throughout the day.

Getting around the bay on public transit is easy and cheap (1€ - 2€) with regular transport buses or mini buses connecting larger mainland cities. Busses arrive every 10-15 minutes during the day and every half hour late into the night. Generally, you can ask the driver to drop you off anywhere along its route on main Adriatic road.

Distances and driving times
Kotor24km (30 min)
Herceg-Novi25km (35 min)
Tivat15km (20 min) by ferry
Budva40km (1hr)
Dubrovnik75km (1.5hrs)


Morinj is an old coastal fishing village situated in the heart of magnificent Boka fjord. This place can offer something to everyone, from couples to families: beaches, kayaking, diving, fishing, sports, mountain climbing and more.

Known for its rich aristocratic families, famous merchants and captains, Morinj founded the first school in its native language back in 1904, which, to this day, offers four grades of elementary schooling. It is located next to the local marina by the main road. Learn more about Morinj, or go back to the map.

Morinj Beach

Perast Old Town


Practically bordering Risan, 3km (1.9 miles) away is Perast, a small waterside village that offers a magnificent view of the whole fjord and beautiful small secluded beaches. Two well-known islands in the fjord, Gospa Skrpjela (Lady of the Rock) and Sveti Ðorðe (St. George), are just a few minutes away from Perast by boat. If you are up for climbing, head up the mountain from Perast to local caves where you can see prehistoric drawings. Learn more about Perast, or go back to the map.


The closest nearby town on the south is Risan (Risano), another old fishing town situated just 6km (3.7 miles) away from Morinj. Risan is larger than Morinj and offers a local fisherman's market, as well as shops, small beaches and centuries-old roman mosaics.

Just outside of Risan is Spilja, a water fall that shows a magnificent display during the rainy season. Learn more about Risan, or go back to the map.


On the opposite direction of Kotor is Herceg-Novi, another medieval town, with walls coming out of sea high above the cliffs. This old town is full of small shops, cafés and bars, while taking a stroll down to the sea offers 1km (0.6-mile) walking paths along the sea, providing tourists with opportunities to souvenir shop, swim or enjoy local beach clubs. Learn more about Herceg-Novi, or go back to the map.


Located further in the bay is Kotor, a magnificent medieval town surrounded by walls that were used to fend off invaders for centuries. The old town, situated within the walls, is always full of life. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the pleasant atmosphere—cafés, shops, pizzerias, historical monuments and summer days filled with a dash of cooling wind.

A few things stand out in this town: small cobbled streets, remarkable squares, and its monuments, Sveti Tripun Cathedral (St. Tripun), Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas Church), the summer theatre, the maritime museum, and the city walls that stretch to the top of the mountain overlooking the town. During summer nights, the walls above the city are lit, simulating a glowing mountain. Learn more about Kotor, or go back to the map.


Beyond the bay

Budva and St. Stefan are just outside the Bay of Kotor and are some of the best known tourist places in Montenegro. Budva can be accessed either by Kotor or from Tivat. Kotor has a tunnel that connects to a small freeway to Budva and the southern and northern parts of Montenegro.Learn more about Budva, or go back to the map.

If traveling to Croatia, within one hour you will be at a border crossing which usually takes less than 15 minutes. Dubrovnik is within 2 hrs drive, as well as other smaller towns along the way. go back to the map.